About BeautyBiz Asia

FUTURESYS created BeautyBiz Asia as a platform that to connect beauty industry’s brand owners, salons and salon’s professionals together to strengthen and to bloom the beauty market within Malaysia. From a future professional entering cosmetology school to a new entrepreneur earning their first chair to the owner of the most successful brand owners, OEM manufacturers, academies, salons and spas is there, helping professionals choose the right products, services and education.

BeautyBiz Asia is the salon industry’s head-to-toe beauty resource. Salon professionals will prefer and choose BeautyBiz Asia because it’s the only platform that gives them what they value most: step-by-step education, along with creative inspiration, to help them propel their careers forward. We showcase and demonstrate the products and tools to help salons best serve their clients’ needs.

Our BeautyBiz Asia is the perfect spot for men and women who like to experiment and try the latest beauty products. This is an all-in-one virtual mall, with retail stores and full-service salons that offers contemporary women exceptional beauty treatments and products at value prices—including the newest products on the market from all over the world which available to sell in Malaysia.

Our system
Our solutions are truly beneficial to businesses, the first of which is convenience. Online shopping help business owners track purchases from multiple customers 24/7 without the need to spend so much time in front of the computer. BeautyBiz Asia is a solution and can help reduce the effort that business owners have to expend to keep the company running - which ultimately translates to more time for other important aspects of business, such as improving product and service quality.

Another benefit that comes with using BeautyBiz Asia is enhanced security. With our high-quality software in place, customers can be sure that valuable information that they have provided during purchase, such as credit card numbers and addresses, will be kept confidential and out of the hands of other people. At the same time, our software can protect online entrepreneurs from fraud. Our system will verify the validity of credit cards used during purchase.

Lastly, our e-commerce software can help online entrepreneurs improve their marketing methods and gain more customers. Split testing allows businesses to try out different ways of marketing products while results from sales analytics and marketing reports can help determine the qualities of the company's market. Information from all these can be used to tweak marketing strategies to gain more customers.

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