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As the population of Malaysia continues to grow, so too does the need for beauty services and options. According to the population of Malaysia stand over 27.76 million in 2009 and 28.5 million 2011 and the population continue increase to 45.1 million by 2020. This, in turn, will result in a swell in the number of consumers seeking for professional services at beauty salons, slimming centers, spa, wellness centers and holistic centers.

While consumers’ growth certainly has it benefits, it also creates new challenges for beauty administrators and their staff. Processes and procedures that previously were adequate may no longer be effective in handling a rise in new clients, prompting administrators to seek out alternatives and new technology and techniques to assist them and their clients.

One process affected almost immediately from an increase in clients is appointment booking-scheduling. A requirement for individual at most beauty, slimming and wellness facilities, this seemingly simple task can quickly become burdensome and challenging to staff members. This is especially true if the service continues to rely on the most standard—and also most inefficient—manner of making appointments: over the phone.

While common in some office settings, set appointments over the phone is a time- and resource-draining process that’s also inconvenient for clients, especially in our Web-connected society where more and more individuals prefer to conduct common tasks—such as advance booking or appointments—online instead of picking up the phone and calling them in.

Technological advancements like online booking scheduling software have made the service-booking process easier for both administrative staff and clients alike. This white paper details the benefits of implementing an online booking system, considerations when utilizing it, and what to look for in a provider.

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